Scaled Composites

A Redesign of Aerospace Engineers


Burt Rutan established the American aircraft business Scaled Composites, which is currently owned by another business Northrop Grumman. They perform the proper procedures when it comes to developing airplanes. At Scaled Composites, they design, build, and test a concept to develop a vehicle that could potentially mark a new milestone in aerospace history.

Brand Identity


The idea to redesign the logo for Scaled Composites was to give a visual design that helped represent what the company does—to develop airplanes that can and will defy themselves to achieve greater things for aerospace history.


Redesigning a logo came with a few obstacles. Particularly designing a logo that symbolically represents who and what Scaled Composites is.


Writing a list of vocabulary words allowed me to find an inspiration for my logo. On my list, the word Flight stood out the most. This led to another set of words that relate to the word flight. The two words that became the insirpation of the redesigned logo is a bird and an airplane.

Logo Process

The Redesign

Going through the process of making a web chart, I was able to dive deeper than just Scaled Composites. The web chart allowed me to come down to two words that best describes the company in a literal and symbolical aspect.

Brand Collectables

The print collaterals, products, and packaging should all give a sense of being unique, exclusive, and innovative. It is a brand that allows you to venture into the future, yet be timeless. Amber Ayre is the brand to fulfill ones heart.

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