We Source

A non-profit organization for new 'Ohanas of Hawai'i


We Source is a non-profit organization based in Honolulu, Hawai'i that provides the proper resources to immigrants coming to Hawai’i and the dependent(s) of immigrant parents. We understand the difficulties of moving to a new country and being clueless about where to start, so we want to make that process easier for both parties.

Brand Identity
Motion Graphics


Logo Process


Prior to sketching out ideas for a logo, I had to do research as to what a non-profit organizaztions is, existing organizations for immigrants, the resources Hawai'i has for immigrants, and statistics on the immigration population.

Doing my research allows me to fully understand how I should be approaching this project, and gives me a better understanding of what information is needed.

Outside the Box

Creating Illustrations

To add to everything, I wanted to create something that would help the organization bond with the community, and make current and new 'Ohanas feel welcomed to Hawai'i.

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