This Is Love

A Book Trilogy


I was given the opportunity to create a book cover trilogy based off of a This is Love podcast by Phoebe Judge. Phoebe Judge had quite a bit of podcasts to choose from but, I decided to take a chance on podcasts "What are we going to do, How to live forever, and Eight thousand miles."


Podcast References


One of the major obstacles that I ran into when doing this project was creating a trilogy with book covers that give a sense of unity, and allow myself to think outside the box when brainstorming about the type of medium I wanted to move forward with my designs.


While excluding the form of using my computer and digitally creating the artwork of my bookcover, I brainstormed the idea of doing a collage-like book cover—collecting, and putting together the correct colored paper to its place.

The Process

Going from Discovery to Final Product

The objective is to choose 3 This is Love podcasts that I thought would be interesting to make, and create a book cover that would tell its story without giving to much information away.

Sketching Phase

When I first did sketches, I wanted to put as much detail into the book cover without spoiling the podcast itself from my one design.

Complex sketch of my Eight-Thousand Miles book cover

Breaking it down

When breaking it down, I needed to choose the best designs that brought a sense of similarity to each other. To figure that out, I took 2 designs from each podcast.

TIL Sketch set 01 TIL Sketch set 02

Finding the Medium

Once I had my designs picked out, referencing one of the podcasts, I went through a couple of trial and errors when picking out my medium.

Digital Medium
Paper cut out Medium
Portrait Medium
Shadow Medium

The right one

I thought, and looked through what I had, but none of it really clicked with how I wanted to design my book cover until I got an idea from when I had a middle school art project that dealt with doing a collage.

Collage Medium

Final Look

This Is Love Trilogy

With the completion of the design process, I was able to unify the designs of the trilogys' book covers, and be able to keep that unity while differentiating the different stories.

TIL Book Cover of an Eyeball
TIL Book Cover of a heart
TIL Book Cover of food

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